Unsolicited Advice | I finally took a personality test and it blew my mind

If there’s one thing I don’t like, other than making small talk with someone I just met, it is them asking me what’s my sun-sign. It is mostly so that they can figure out my personality. Why? Why do you need to know my personality upfront? We just met! Even my mother doesn’t my real personality yet. How my date of birth is going to decide what kind of a person I am? Does that mean millions of people born at the same time and date are all similar to me and we all live a similar life? How’s that even logically possible? If I Google my personality according to my sun-sign I get independent, honest, intelligent, lover of freedom(what type of sun-signs don’t like freedom??), compassion, etc. Go figure. These are all general human qualities. No offence to people who believe in Astrology, but little common sense may work here(I bet they missed this quality on their sun-sign)

Sorry about that rant but I cannot wrap my head around this no matter how hard I try. And this was the whole reason I didn’t believe in personality tests because I thought they all are just vague general qualities and can be applied to any human. Well, I was wrong, to say the least. At the start of the year, I took Myers Briggs Personality test just to prove to myself how stupid these tests are. This test is a list of multiple-choice questionnaire about how we interact with our environment, other people, how we make decisions and cope with emotions, how do we process our mental energy, and choose our work. After a while answering these questions, well, my mind was blown, I had multiple epiphanies, I went through enlightenment, you cannot believe how accurate it was. So here it is, (drum roll please) my personality type is INFJ, said to be the rarest of personality type (not shocked at all here).

All my life I thought my parents dropped me over my head too many times and that’s how I became a weirdo. A weirdo, who cannot fit in anywhere, who just feels everything too much, so passionate and yet so overwhelmed all the time, extremely creative in every aspect of life, but this never-ending anxiety, the hot and cold relationships with people around me- all made sense. But it was so comforting and validating to know that this is a type of personality. I thought I had multiple mental and personality disorders. It was just the personality I was born with. Hilarious! I’m glad though, I finally fit in somewhere, and there are people like me(not that I know of yet but I’m relieved there are). The more I read about it the more I understood my behaviour, my choices and decisions I make. Why I do certain things that others don’t. It’s good to know there’s nothing wrong with me and I’m a completely normal human being. (I hope you’re still not associating me with a sun-sign. *sigh*)

Here are some of the common traits of INFJ:

  • You’re a social chameleon. You can read people and vibe of the room easily and fit yourself accordingly.
  • Extremely creative and find it difficult to find one thing to stick to.
  • Born teachers. Have an intense need to share their learning with others. ( This is why I created this blog)
  • You are a doer. You don’t find it hard to pick a task and complete it while others around don’t seem to understand how you can do so much.
  • People tend to find you intimidating, mysterious because you’re so good at reading them. You have this ability to bring out the worst and best in people. It’s pretty dangerous.
  • INFJs are so intuitive that they can predict a little bit of the future. No, it’s not magic (or astrology). It’s how they process information and form patterns in their brain which makes it easier to predict people, behaviour and sometimes even future.
  • You’re a problem solver. You like to take a huge amount of data into your brain and untangle it and bring it out in the world in the simplest form.
  • Everything is planned in your life. You don’t like spontaneity.

It all sounds wonderful, but like any other superhero, if you cannot control your powers they will turn out to be extremely dangerous and self-destructive.

  • Even though I’m good at connecting with people at the deepest level than anyone can ever reach I tend to attract negative toxic people very easily because I think I can help them.
  • I become a people pleaser as I value them so much.
  • My ability to process huge information most of the times brings out the perfectionist in me. Everyone knows how that ends.
  • And because I’m constantly in my head I most of the times have a very warped perception of reality.
  • I am Anxious more than others and get burned out so quickly because I’m always solving problems and trying to fix everything in everyone’s life.So you get the gist.

The whole point of this test was to understand and accept myself as a person with all the good, bad and ugly, and not to use it as an excuse for my bad actions. It makes it easier to understand my weaknesses and be motivated to become a more well rounded, overall healthy individual. If you feel the same way and have never taken this test then please do. It might change the way you look at yourself.

A YouTuber called Frank James makes amazing videos on this context. His videos have helped me a lot and gave me a kick-start on this new journey of self-discovery. 

2 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice | I finally took a personality test and it blew my mind

  1. I read this after watching the Perseverance Rover landing, so after all that joy and this, made me teared up (yeah! I’m such a crybaby).
    I also thought that I had a rare disease or something until I met another in school.
    I feel like INFJs are like Tesla autopilot, anticipating the obstructions and trying to avoid them, or like Sherlock Holmes but less cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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