Hello world

Hello, world!

So, I’m here because lots of people on Instagram loved the little excerpts that I wrote and also encouraged me to start a blog. I am really thankful for those people, because of them I am writing my first blog post.

My blog would mostly consist of my average everyday experiences, my basic love life and my mediocre expertise related to things that nobody cares about. I might also write about the mental health issue, because, let’s face it, everybody is crazy these days.

Let’s start with a brief introduction about me- for a living, I work as a Front-end Developer. As being a programmer with little or no life at all, I spend a great amount of time on the internet, consuming pop culture and memes, living on Tv series and movies, dreaming about traveling the world, just like every other IT guy/gal does. I also have several hobbies like reading, writing, painting, etc.

Now, if you think that I am just another nerdy, introverted, girl next door who likes reading, and writing and has opinions about every damn thing, then you are absolutely right. That’s exactly what I am.

If you’re still reading this and you do find me interesting.. you do? Well, then I might write one more blog post soon.


7 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. So you’re like ‘Smart Smita’, of course you are… like many of us have our own versions of the sexiest organ in an individual – yours I bet, is your BRAIN. Can anyone beat that? You write from the heart, having read most of your posts… I love your honesty. Go well dear! And yes, you photograph well. Beauty & Brains – now that’s a rare combination.
    Stay Blessed always ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. You write well. You have an eye for natureโ€™s amazing details. Also, your paintings, sketches and self portraits are pretty expressive. Keep posting, cz I love to read perspectives people have about different topics, but there are very few I have met who can put those in words effectively. More power to you! Keep blogging.

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